April 25th, 2004

How does one find happiness in a world estranged from nature? From nature's beauty. From nature's purity. We exploit that which gives us life. Life, not only as in actually physically existing but also a reason to live: invigoration, spirituality, a sense that we are not alone, peace.

The world that we have created for ourselves, our way of living, traps us, isolates us. We are imprisoned in our our own creation, disassociated from the way we were created to be.

I want a simple way of life, immersed in the beauty of God's creation. Surrounded by the purity of nature. The earth as it is meant to be is my conscious womb. Nature: a comfort to my soul. A simple way of life in a natural habitat. That is what I want.

Concrete, sky scrapers, pollution, satelites, cellular towers, automobiles, land fills. These do not fit into nature's way. Nature has remained balanced for billions of years, things playing out as they should, on an innocent level. On an instinctual level. The earth seeks balance. We have killed that balance, or disrupted it. The only way for the earth to get back on track is to remove that which has upset the balance, the innocence, the Way.



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