Beauty May 7th, 04
Estranged April 25th, 04
Laziness April 7th, 03
Forgiveness February 13th, 03
Unhappiness January 27th, 03
Uncertanty Principle June 26th, 02
The Split Dec 1st, 01
We're Being Eaten Nov 13th, 01
Pluto Oct 10th, 01
Entire works of Shakespeare Oct 5th, 01
Jazz is choking Jul 23rd, 01
Animals and Reason Jul 19th, 01
Sense    Jul 18th, 01
God    May 24th, 01
Evil    Apr 14th, 01
For art to appear, we have to disappear    Oct 31st, 00
Muse and Genius    Sep 23rd, 00
Spontaneous Creation    Sep 18th, 00
The Stonecutter    May 29th, 00
Dissonance 2    Mar 30th, 00
Dissonance    Mar 20th, 00
Human Condition 101    Jan 28th, 00
Technique    Dec 17th, 99
Play your spine like a zither    Oct 14th, 99
Is Hell exothermic or endothermic?    Oct 11th, 99