>> If God is all powerful he can create any world that He wishes

> In a sense, this is true. It's just that what would be the point of a
> perfect universe? People (from our culture) get bored real fast living
> in tropical paradises. Either that or their brain goes to jelly.
> Static wonderfullness does not contribute to the development of an
> advanced species. Why would God need a universe at all if he just
> wanted to groove out?

But how can we know that it's true? Maybe God simply can't create any world that He wishes?

>> If God is all good he would prefer a world with only good.
> This is inherently ridiculous just by looking at the phrase "all good".
> Since evil does exist therefore it is not possible that God is "all
> good".

Why can't God be "all good?" William Lane Craig's question, similar to the one above is, how can we truly know that God would prefer a world with only good? Perhaps God is "all good" but he simply can't create a world without evil because he doesn't have the power over it. Perhaps God is "all good" but he must discipline us in certain ways like a parent must. Good parents don't discipline children for the sake of being evil. They do it for the greater good of the child. They may even dislike disciplining their children.

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